The Cry For Revival

The Cry For Revival

Written by David Davila

Many years ago I found myself in my room praying and crying out to God for revival. I was crying so hard, feeling the heavy burden for the lost… I prayed over and over “Lord move, Lord move”. God, “I pray for a spiritual awakening in the city of Houston” and then I would continue “Lord move, Lord move” over and over I cried out to God. In a sense, I felt that i was actually achieving something. After all, the bible says “the broken and contrite heart” will not be despised or rejected by God. So, I prayed ardently, with my entire soul, my eyes filled with tears, my heart aching for revival, for another great awakening. When all of a sudden the wind of the Spirit entered my room, I stopped and suddenly, the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “YOU MOVE”. I got up off the floor, wiped the tears from my face and went outside and evangelized the first person I saw. Then I continued to the next and then to the next. I learned a valuable lesson that day: Sometimes we are asking God to move, when He is waiting on us to MOVE!

So, I prayed ardently, with my entire soul, my eyes filled with tears, my heart aching for revival, for another great awakening. When all of a sudden the wind of the Spirit entered my room, I stopped and suddenly, the Spirit of the Lord “YOU MOVE”.

Revival can be defined as a spiritual awakening. In revival God’s manifest presence is felt and experienced. Revival brings a profound awareness of His presence and a deep yearning to see the lost brought back to God.


Today, April 9, 2016, The Historic, The call California was held( #azuzanow 15 hours of non-stop prayer.) It was incredible to see so many of God’s generals gathered together. So many of the leaders present have influenced my life in profound ways. Even Bishop Bill Hamon was present. He was the founder of the bible college I attended in 1999. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the prayer meeting and was saddened that I was unable to attend. The event reaffirms a two-fold conviction in my heart:

  • Revival will come.
  • Revival must come.
“Revival sparked by prayer, lit by evangelism and fanned by discipleship”.


One of the tragic failures of those who yearn for revival is viewing revival as an excuse for passively waiting on God rather then the motivating reason for aggressive evangelism. Before I continuing allow me to share a little bit of my history:

  • From 1999 to 2006 my wife and I spearheaded a prayer ministry that prayed and interceded for the city of Houston. This ministry resulted in an annual gathering of “God’s Generals” all of which was prophesied in our humble prayer meetings and to the Senior leader now spearheading this annual gathering.
  • We were a part of the global prayer movement of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.
  • We translated conference material into Spanish for the Sentinal Group, a ministry dedicated to transformation.
  • Present Truth Mission the congregation my wife and I founded has kept the altar burning by hosting a prayer meeting every Friday Night since 2008. We did this just as Dr. David Yonggi Cho of Seoul Korea, the founder of the world’s largest Church, suggested in his book on Prayer.
  • Suffice to say we believe in the power of prayer.


Read all of the Revivals of history and you will notice that every single revival resulted in souls saved and discipled. Revivals were not just prayer meetings were you experienced the presence of God, authentic revival always results in souls saved and discipled. The following is a list of revivals and some books that attest to what i have just stated:

1) The Methodist Revival. (Wesley and The Methodist by Richard P. Heitzenrater and American Saint by John Wigger)

2) The first and second awakening. (God’s Generals: Revivalist by Roberts Liardon)

3) The Charles Finney Revivals. (God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon)

4) The Pentecostal Revival (Azuza Street by Frank Bartleman)

5) The Welsh Revival. (The world aflame by Rick Joyner)

And in Modern Times we have so many revivals.

What do the Revivals, Churches and Leaders above have in common? They pray and they WORKED. They followed the formula: pray, evangelize and disciple. We cannot expect to be entrusted with another great awakening if we are unwilling to pay the price of missional living? We cannot expect to be used by God as they were if we are unwilling to sacrifice as they did?

  • Its time to become missionaries.
  • Its time to burn on for God.
  • Its time for us to quit waiting around for God to do something before we move.
  • Its time to provoke the move of God.

So as you wait for revival in prayer, Go for the Lost in Evangelism.


Its really sad to see Christians passively pray for revival when Jesus specifically told us to “Go into all the world, preach the gospel and Make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16) Many are using the excuse that they are waiting for revival for not preaching the gospel. Rather then using revival as the motivating reason for aggressive evangelism.

Why do we pray and believe for revival yet fail to preach the simple gospel of Jesus Christ? Could it be that we want God to supernaturally move on our behalf because we are unwilling to move on His behalf?

“If God were to send revival, passive people who are “praying” for revival, would end revival because they would not do anything” – Carol Davila

I personally long for the supernatural. I want to see healing’s and miracles but as a missionary. I cannot wait for miracles to happen before I preach the gospel. I simply cannot and will not do it. The day i got saved in 1997, No one got healed, delivered, or slain in the spirit the only miracle that occurred on that day was the new birth, my awakening to the reality of Jesus Christ. So we cannot use revival as an excuse for passively waiting, we must use it as the reason for aggressive action.

“Like a Missionary in a Mission Field we must be committed to the task of planting gate gospel and serving the lost!”

How is it possible that the same person praying for revival is the same person ignoring tedious work of evangelism and the rugged stress of discipleship?


Jesus said “you are the light of the world” (Matt. 5:14). The world, not the Church yet so many Christians view their ministry as exclusively to the “saved”–the Church. They want to preach to the saved, minister to the saved, do outreach to the saved. They say things like “my ministry is to the hurting” of course by hurting they mean “christians”. Far be it from them to minister to the unsaved who know Christ, whose lives are so broken it takes them years to put back together. Im not saying, Christians don’t need help but in a city of 5 million people and with millions are unsaved we cannot afford the luxury of you ministering on the saved zone (safe-zone).

“How will revival ever come when we seek the comfort of each others light? How will revival ever come when we shine our light on each other rather then those who have yet to see the light which is Jesus?”

If revival comes tomorrow, great! If not, God should still find us working!

Pray but then…..

Go and preach the gospel…. (evangelize)

…and Make disciples…..