PTM Kidz

Mission Statement

PTM Kidz, in collaboration with parents and members, believe in teaching and making disciples, living by example and ministering how to uphold and obtain higher standards in our children’s lives according to the Bible; unveiling their gifts, talents, and leadership at a young age!

3 Fold Focus
  • Grounded Discipleship
  • Equipped to serve Christ and others in a radical way
  • Cultivation and exercising of Gifts, talents, and leadership

Mission Music Group

We believe music is one of the biggest catalysts of culture and our society today. Mission Music Group is a recording music group focused on producing quality missional music that will bring hope and Jesus to the lost through all types of music and genre’s including: EDM, HIP HOP, WORSHIP, ROCK AND ROLL, SPANISH, REGGEATON, & more.

2016 marks a big year for MMG as we prepare to launch multiple mixtapes from our rap ministry. And for the first time in PTM history, Present Worship, our worship ministry, will be releasing our first praise and worship EP.

Stay tuned. More details coming soon!

Missional Groups

The Vision and The Cell Church Movement

I was once asked “what do you think is the primary problem with the Church? The problem in the Church has to do with the lack of character and vision, I answered. By vision I was referring to the clarity that we must with regard to our calling; to who, what and where are we called etc. By character i was referring to the basic standards of integrity. In as sense vision has to do with preaching the gospel, while character has to do with making disciples—which in its basic sense has to do with forming Christ in the lives of people. The answer to the problem is simply to apply Mathew 28:18-20 both personally and corporately. To properly confront this deficiency we must apply vision and strategy.

The Missional Group Vision

One of the practices that have been restored vision to the heart of the local Church is the “house to house” principle called the cell church. A Missional group is the gathering of believers in small groups of 3 to 15 people for the purpose of evangelism and edification. In it you find the oneness of body life and the power of the gospel—the Cross of the Lord Jesus. Cell groups were originally implemented by a Korean Pastor named David Yonggi Cho. He took a small group of believers and put them into a group that he called a cell group. Though the principle has been applied through Church History with groups such as the Quakers and Methodist it wasn’t until its implementation through David Yonggi Cho that it was widely accepted beyond denominational lines.

PTM Media

Media and Mass Communication

The current increase in new technologies requires that the Church be continually updated and “in with the times”. It is our goal to use all New Technologies as tools for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Including but not limited to:
  • Audiobooks
  • Videos/Film
  • Powerpoints
  • Audio/Sound Engineering

We seek excellence in even the smallest details of audio and media and invest in quality equipment for the House of the Lord.

Protocol & Logistics

3Fold Focus of Protocol & Logistics

This department was designed to bring genuine hospitality to all of our members and guests through the power of the Holy Spirit while exercising our core values, 4 Rules, and 3 B’s.


A ttitude
C hrist-Likeness
C haracter
T esting